Fotoplano in a few sentences

Photography is not only about choosing the right framing or the perfect exposure, there is much more in it. Photography sometimes is a flow of emotions that the photographer has to read and interpret in order to catch the essence of a moment. So maybe one of the essential key in photography is indeed knowing each other, and we’ll try to explain you why we believe in this, in a few words. In the middle of a photo or video session our face is sometimes hidden by a monster lens or huge equipment, and we know very well how this might intimidate somebody (some people might not believe it but… behind those scary appliances there are normal and very friendly people). We just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with us and that’s why a part of our job is made of comprehension and socialization. The more we know each other, the more you get used to us, the better the result. Whether is about a very unique occasion such as your wedding day or simply a walk by the sea with your dears, we’d like you to freely express your mood and let us eternalize your moments in finest images that remain relevant in spite of trends. Preserving memories is very important to all of us and this is why we feel honored each time someone asks our help to document a segment of his own life.

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